Data source

The data from the following charts were collected from American Fact Finder, where individuals can access Census and American Community Survey Data. The data used was found by compiling data from individual tracts within the Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood. The Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood shares similar boundaries for three census tracts.

Demographic Break Down

population change

Figure 1: Population change

Figure 1 shows the percentage change in population in Thomas Park/Avondale, Muncie, and the entire state of Indiana from 2000 to 2014. The blue bar shows the percent of population change in the neighborhood from 2000 to 2010. Thomas Park/Avondale lost over 10% of its population, while the city of Muncie increased by about 4%. The state of Indiana grew even more, over 5%. The green bar shows the population change from 2010 to 2014. Thomas Park/Avondale lost less people during this amount of time, but still lost about 5% of its population. The population of Muncie has remained about the same during this time while the state grew by about 1%.

2.female age distribution

Figure 2: Female age distribution

3.male age distribution

Figure 3: Male age distribution

Figure 2 and 3 show the age distribution of Thomas Park/Avondale, Delaware County, and the State of Indiana by sex. The red bars show the age distribution of Thomas Park/Avondale. Most of the male population of the neighborhood is under 5 years old or between the ages of 50 and 54. The female population is mostly between the ages of 20-24, 50-54, or under the age of 5. Delaware County is represented by the green bars in the graph. The largest age group for Delaware County is clearly 20 to 24 years of age, which is due in large part to the Ball State University population. The age distribution for the entire state can be found by looking at the blue bars on the graph.

TPA housingTPA occupied housing

Figure 4 above show housing occupancy and housing characteristics of the neighborhood. The majority of the housing in Thomas Park/Avondale is occupied. There are similar numbers of renter and owner occupied households within the neighborhood.

TPA Race

Figure 5: Race in Thomas Park/Avondale

Like the city of Muncie and the state of Indiana, Thomas Park/Avondale is predominantly white. About 5% of the neighborhood is African-American and another 5% identifies as two or more races.

poverty rate for families

Figure 6: Poverty rate

The above chart shows the poverty rates for Thomas Park/Avondale, Muncie, and Indiana. Both Muncie and Thomas Park/Avondale have much higher poverty rates than the state average. Muncie has a 19% poverty rate while Thomas Park/Avondale has a 31% poverty rate, meaning that 31% of the population falls below the federal poverty line.


Figure 7: Education of individuals 25 years and older

Figure 7 explores the educational attainment of residents throughout the state, within Delaware County, and for the Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood. Thomas Park/Avondale has a higher percentage of high school graduates than the Indiana as a whole or Delaware County, but a lower percentage of residents with a Bachelor’s degrees and/or Master’s degrees. Thomas Park/Avondale also has a higher percentage of residents that have not completed high school.


Figure 8: Employment

The above chart shows the breakdown of Thomas Park/Avondale employment by industry. Most residents are involved in educational services and healthcare.


Figure 9: Disability

The above graph shows the percentage of residents with a disability in Thomas Park/Avondale, Muncie, and the state of Indiana. Thomas Park/Avondale (in green) has a higher percentage of residents with a disability than Muncie (in blue) or the state of Indiana (in red). Over half of Thomas Park/Avondale residents 65 years of age and older have a disability.


Figure 10: Income by household

Figure 10 explores household income in Thomas Park/Avondale and the city of Muncie. The incomes of Thomas Park/Avondale can be found in green while the Muncie incomes can be found in blue. Overall, the household incomes are similar, but Thomas Park/Avondale has a slightly lower percentage of high income households.