The initiative signage relates to the MAP Initiative 4, (creating attractive and desirable places) because creating an attractive and desirable place as well as improving the infrastructure quality is important to the integrity of TPA. Signage is one of the initiative in improving infrastructure quality. It relates specifically to Action 4, (adopt and enforce updated corridor development standards) as it mentions the removal of illegal, deteriorated and inactive signs. This applies to TPA as there are missing and deteriorated signage throughout neighborhood.


Figure 1: A sketch showing with the installed signs in TPA.    Source: Sravani Mikkilineni


This initiative was created during the first neighborhood TPA meeting in the Ross Center on May 4, 2016. Residents indicated that they wanted to have deteriorated signs replaced and new signs installed where they are missing.


This initiative is important for TPA because there are signs which are missing, damaged or inactive in the neighborhood. Residents have mentioned the missing parking or one-way signs which may be dangerous to drivers. These would also benefit the visitors who are not familiar with the neighborhood in notifying parking areas, one way roads, etc.


Figure 2: signage in the neighborhood      Photo: Bud Tymczyszyn


An inventory of the existing signage has been completed and a map has been made to show where the signs are installed at present which would help in finding the missing signage areas. These maps can be brought to the Muncie’s Department of Public Works to show the need for them. In the city of Muncie’s Department of Public Works website (city of there is a link named “submit issues” which further opens to a page called “report a concern” where we could report to the specific issue. There is an option to click on the “stop signs” or “street signs,” and a small information sheet is shown where your name and address is to be filled out. In the same page, the issue is listed along with the street name, and the request is sent. Upon sending the request, a tracking number is received to follow-up with the request at your convenience.


The neighborhood association may appoint a person in charge who would be responsible for submitting the form and tracking the request.

Another option would be each and every person should be responsible for their own street. A person who is living on a particular street would know best if a sign is inactive or missing. They should be responsible for the submission of the form and tracking the request or at least notify the person in charge about the condition.


The present locations of signage are mapped, so that the neighborhood can identify the missing signs and install them.


Figure 3: Map showing the location of the signs in TPA        Source: Sravani Mikkilineni

Contact information

Department of Public Works
5760 West Kilgore Avenue
Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: (765) 747-4847
Contact: Mr. Duke Campbell, Superintendent