Park Activities

Park Improvements & Activities

The initiative Park Improvements & Activities relates to the MAP Initiative 4, Creating Attractive and Desirable Places, by creating a place that residents can be proud of, while improving the quality of life in the neighborhood. It relates to Action 6, “Implement City of Muncie’s 5-Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan.” It provides direction for improving the thriving parks system and helps recommend sources of funding for the creation of new. This applies to Thomas Park/ Avondale because the neighborhood includes Thomas Park that has great future potential.


This initiative created through the brainstorming session that took place during the February neighborhood association meeting, where neighbors expressed their concerns about the poor state of Thomas Park’s facilities, and its underuse.


Thomas Park is a vital part of the community that provides neighbors with a place to gather on their free time. Parks are great places for spending leisure time and perform activities within the neighborhood. Currently, there is only one park within the neighborhood, and this initiative could provide the Thomas Park/Avondale community with the tools to have it enhanced. This initiative also aimes to provide ideas for a more effective and efficient use of existing facilities


Figure 1 – Charrette showing Thomas Park from the south side without a fence on the Baseball field and with newly painted basketball court. Source: Unai Miguel Andres


If a TP/A resident would like to have some improvements done at the park, they will need to send a written request to the Muncie Parks Departments via email (to or by taking it in person or mailing it to their office (on 1800 South Grant Street).

Some of the possible improvements identified for Thomas Park are:

  • The use of painted concrete on the basketball field, so it looks more invited and newer.
  • The pavement of the tennis court so they are leveled and homogeneous.
  • The extraction of the fence surrounding the baseball field so the back field could be use for multiple activities.
  • The installation of outdoor barbeques next to the picnic area so community member could have luncheons on the park.

If any TP/A resident, business or organization would like to have some event taking place at Thomas Park, they will need to fill out and summit the Application for Special Use Permit to the Muncie Parks Department via mail to (their address is 1800 South Grant Street, Muncie, IN 47302).

Some activities that could occur are:

  • Blockparties
  • Luncheons
  • Cultural events such as concerts, art competitions, and festivals.
  • Winter activities such as ice sculpture competitions, snowball fight, outdoor iceskating, snowshoeing, etc.

Figure 2 – Thomas Park site plan including some of the proposed updates. Source: Unai Miguel Andres


The Neighborhood Association and the Muncie Parks Departments will be invaluable partners of Park Improvements and Actives in Thomas Park/Avondale.

Case studies

Detroit’s Campus Martius

Detroit’s Campus Martius Park is a 2.5 acre entertainment public square that acts as a year-round entertainment venue. It counts with a two fountains, a waterfall one on the west side and the Woodward fountain on the center of the square. It also counts with two stages that count with sound and lightning. However, the most important feature of the park is the north lawn. This lawn acts as a terrace for the parks restaurant from March to October and it hosts the ice rink during the winter months. The Campus Martius ice rink provides daily passes for $7 for adults, $6 for kids and elders, as well as monthly ones for $30. Campus Martius, provides weekly event to the Detroiters during the winter like street performers (Carolers, fire performers, vibraphone, etc.), magical entertainment (with chocolate bar, live music, s’mores, etc.), Science kids zone, and more.

Campus Martius & Cadillac Sq combined.indd

Figure 3 – Detroit’s Campus Martius Park Site Plan. Source:

Lopez Playground

The Lopez Playground in Staten Island, New York contains 1.11 acres. It is under the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation which has completed targeted physical improvements in parks and playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods. Through the Community Parks Initiative, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation has repainted playground areas, basketball and handball courts. They also replaced basketball nets and added accessible swings in playgrounds. The Lopez Playground was funded 1.2 million dollar by the Staten Island Borough President for the renovation. Currently, this park contains two basketball courts, water fountains, spray showers, benches, swings for kids, game tables, flagpole with a yardarm, and play equipment.


Figure 4 – Lopez park before the renovation. Source:


Figure 5 – Lopez park after the renovation. Source:

Contact information

Department of Community Development
300 N. High St. City Hall
Muncie, IN 47305-1639
Phone:   (765) 747-4825
Fax:       (765) 747-4898
Contact: Terry Whitt Bailey, Director

Muncie Parks and Recreation Department
1800 S. Grant St.
Muncie, IN 47305-1639
Phone:   (765) 747-4858


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