Cleaning Up Litter

The initiative Cleaning Up Litter relates to the MAP Initiative 4: Creating Attractive and Desirable Places, because litter creates a negative view of an area, and cleaning it up makes the area look more desirable to live in and visit.  It relates specifically to MAP 2 Initiative 4, Action 6: Strengthening Code Enforcement, which discusses developing an anti-littering campaign. This initiative relates to Thomas Park/Avondale (TPA) because volunteers and residents of the neighborhood can work together to get rid of trash in TPA.


This initiative was created after a resident made a comment to Lisa Dunaway by email after the February Neighborhood Association meeting.


The initiative Cleaning Up Litter is important to TPA because litter creates a negative perception of the neighborhood and it also helps the area look more attractive and desirable.


Figure 1 – Litter within Thomas Park/Avondale. Photo: Mark Lloyd.


Neighborhood cleanups are a way to address litter within TPA and help residents take ownership of their neighborhood. Cleanups can take multiple forms and can consist of large or small groups.

The Muncie Sanitary District holds semi-annual cleanups for neighborhoods. These cleanups occur in May and September on a Saturday (to be determined) from 8:00 A.M. until 11:45 A.M. If a garbage truck has been requested, the Sanitary Districts requires that six people must participate in the cleanup no matter the weather (rain or shine, hot or cold). In addition, two people must meet the truck at the starting point at 8:00 A.M. If the neighborhood has requested the garbage truck to travel the streets and alleys of the neighborhood, then at least one resident must accompany the truck to help load trash. Lastly, the Sanitary District will not collect any tires during these cleanups. Tires can be taken, for a fee, to East Central Recycling. For more information, visit

Residents can also pick up trash on their own or in groups throughout the neighborhood. This can take the form of collecting litter around your property, picking up litter when walking around, or going in groups to help collect trash. Recommended equipment includes a bucket and pick-up stick. A plastic bag and gloves work as a substitute.

Cleanups with the Muncie Sanitary District, East Central Recycling, or on their own can work with Muncie-Delaware Clean and Beautiful. Muncie-Delaware Clean and Beautiful can promote the cleanup, help recruit volunteers, and can lend supplies for the event.


Figure 2 – Supplies for picking up litter. Photo: Zane Bishop.


The neighborhood association can appoint an official contact person as a liaison between the neighborhood association and the Muncie Sanitary District. This person will be responsible to submit applications for the District’s official neighborhood cleanups as well as help coordinate other details about the cleanups.

The neighborhood association can also appoint a person to help coordinate other cleanups and to help address litter within the neighborhood. This can be the same person who is in charge of contacting the Muncie Sanitary District or it can be a different person.

Case Study

Snoops Neighborhood Watch

The neighborhood of Snoops in Erie, Pennsylvania, held a neighborhood cleanup event on June 3, 2015. Volunteers took to the streets and alleys to collect litter and discarded items. The goal of the cleanup was to improve the image of the neighborhood and reduce crime. With the help of a $1,000 grant from a local non-profit, the Snoops Neighborhood Watch rented two dumpsters and was able to properly dispose of 40 tires.¹


Figure 3 – A member of the Snoops Neighborhood Watch disposing of discarded items into a dumpster. Source:


Muncie Sanitary District
300 N. High Street
Muncie, IN 47305-1639
Phone: (765) 747-4894
Contact: Jason Donati

East Central Recycling
701 E. Centennial Avenue
Muncie, IN 47303
Phone: (765) 282-1900

Muncie-Delaware Clean and Beautiful
201 E. Jackson Street
Muncie, IN 47305-2832
Phone: (765) 273-3714
Contact: Jason Donati


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1: Palattella, Ed. “Grants Help Clean up Erie Neighborhoods.” Accessed June 3, 2015.