Area 5

SWOT Analysis: Area Five Introduction

Area five is on the far southeast corner of the neighborhood. Gharkey, 12th and Walnut street border the neighborhood. There are three residential areas separated by industrial sites. The Maring-Hunt library and Southview elementary school reside within area 5.


Library/School/Park/Community Garden/Wilson Apartments

The Maring-Hunt library located on S. High St offers a wonderful amenity to the community. It is centrally located within a residential area right of Memorial and Walnut. Behind the library is an active community garden. Attached is the Southview elementary school and opposite to the library is Wilson School Apartments, which is a senior living community. Combined, they offer a positive living/learning environment for area five

SWOT Area 5 1.jpg

Figure1  – Wilson School Apartments, library, and park. Photo: Amber Janzen

Proximity to Bus Stop

There is a covered bus stop on the corner Walnut and 12th St.

SWOT Area 5 2.jpg

Figure 2– Covered bus stop on Walnut. Photo: Amber Janzen

SWOT area 5 3 

Figure 3 – Sign of Maring-Hunt community garden. Photo: Amber Janzen

Proximity to Walnut and 12th St.

Walnut and 12th st (aka Memorial) are major connecting roads bordering the area. Several businesses are located on this road that provide the area with amenities.

Family Friendly

People know each other



South Section is cutoff by abandoned industrial sites

Brownfields/Vacant Space

The abandoned industrial sites are host to major toxins that pollute the ground and potentially the ground water. They are an eye-sore. There are also several vacant/abandoned houses scattered around the area. It creates potential for illegal activity and dumping. Also an eye-sore.


There is potential for new business on Walnut and 12th St.

Connectivity to Downtown

Walnut and 12th offer gateways into the downtown and outside of Muncie.

Low-cost housing could attract young professionals (Maring-Hunt area attractive)


Transient Community

There is potential for people to stay temporarily until they earn a higher income, therefore investment in the community is lost.

Other Neighborhoods Attracting Resources

Other neighborhoods may attract more resources through businesses, amenities and city funding.

Existing Conditions Maps

The below maps were created to assist the neighborhood in understanding its zoning, current building conditions, and current inventory. The zoning map shows where certain land uses are allowed. In Muncie, it is important to note that a zone such as community business will allow those establishment allowed within the community business zone as well as all less intense uses such as residential uses.  Also, some might notice that their homes are zoned for a commercial use. This just means that the current land use is residential, but a commercial building could be developed on the property if desired.

The building conditions map shows the conditions of not only the building on the property, but also the property itself. A poor condition might mean that there exists on the property litter, overgrowth of weeds and grass, dilapidated structures, etc.

The inventory map shows the locations of such things as signs, hydrants, pot holes, curb ramps, and street trees among others.

The creation of these maps further assists the residents of TPA in understanding the neighborhood’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by allowing the residents to visualize these qualities.