Area 3

SWOT Analysis: Area 3


Area 3 is bounded to the north by Memorial Drive, east by Hoyt Avenue, south by Buck Creek, and west by Batavia Avenue.


Figure 1 – Buck Creek. Source: Chelsea Fenimore.



Area 3 has many positive features including two churches, Thomas Park, and is only one street removed from a Marsh Supermarket. The bus shelter on 11th Street and Hoyt Avenue is a rare feature in the neighborhood, and the presence of Muncie’s public transit system gives residents access to the rest of the city.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity within the bounds of this area provide a source of hope and confidence for a positive change in the community. Many houses in the area are in good condition, most notably along 11th Street on which are numerous healthy street trees.


A number of invested residents are committed to maintaining and building upon the community connectivity, which could result in positive community involvement moving forward.


Vacancy and Blight

Unfortunately, blighted housing, vacant properties, and poor street conditions tend to overshadow much of the positive appearance in the neighborhood. Vegetation overgrowth along 12th Street produces unsightly and unsafe conditions for pedestrians, and some roadways have no sidewalk at all.

Health and Social

Health problems among community members inhibits flourishing and social morale, and a general distrust in public officials, including law enforcement, serves to erode the potential for growth and social health.



Although privately owned, the lake just south of the area’s boundary could be utilized, if not for recreational purposes then at least for aesthetic value.

Social Services

Nearby social services like the Post Office, Muncie Christian Center, and the Boys & Girls Club offer helpful resources for residents in the neighborhood in addition to those offered by the Ross Center.

Nearby Downtown Revitalization

As the downtown continues to the experience gradual revitalization and development occurs primarily north of the rail line, the potential for connectivity via the White River Greenway and Hoyt Avenue to downtown could evolve from an opportunity to an absolute necessity for community growth.



An enormous threat to the community may be the enduring negative impact of outsourced manufacturing and economic recession.

Negative Perceptions

The resulting downturn in residence and community assets has produced a negative public perception of the neighborhood along with the south side in general, exacerbated by local media and the city’s general focus on development north of the rail line.

Existing Conditions Maps

The below maps were created to assist the neighborhood in understanding its zoning, current building conditions, and current inventory. The zoning map shows where certain land uses are allowed. In Muncie, it is important to note that a zone such as community business will allow those establishment allowed within the community business zone as well as all less intense uses such as residential uses.  Also, some might notice that their homes are zoned for a commercial use. This just means that the current land use is residential, but a commercial building could be developed on the property if desired.

The building conditions map shows the conditions of not only the building on the property, but also the property itself. A poor condition might mean that there exists on the property litter, overgrowth of weeds and grass, dilapidated structures, etc.

The inventory map shows the locations of such things as signs, hydrants, pot holes, curb ramps, and street trees among others.

The creation of these maps further assists the residents of TPA in understanding the neighborhood’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by allowing the residents to visualize these qualities.