Area 2


Area 2 is bounded by Memorial Drive on the south, Liberty Street on the east, the three railroad lines on the north, Perkins Avenue north of 8th Street, and Sampson Avenue south of 8th. Within area two are the former Chevrolet Plant site, Rose Park, Ross Community Center, Liberty Bowl, and the Muncie Mission.



Area 2 of Thomas Park Avondale is a unified area that utilizes the neighborhood association. Most of the streets and sidewalks have been recently paved making driving and pedestrian activities easy. There is also a M.I.T.S. bus line that passes through the area.  In addition, Area 2 is close to main arterials providing many amenities and businesses to residents.

Quite Zone

A quite zone was also adopted along railroad crossings in the area, meaning that trains will not blow their horns when passing through.


Another strength of area 2 is the parks. There are two main parks: Thomas Park and Rose Park with a small pocket park named Fireman’s Park. Within Ross Park, is the Ross Center. The Ross Center is a thriving neighborhood meeting spot.


Infrastructure and Vacancy

Some sidewalks in the area need fixing, particularly along Hoyt Avenue and at intersections. In addition, some streets need to be repaved, such as 5th, 6th, 7th, and Elliott Streets. The former Chevrolet Plant site is vacant and needs to be redeveloped. Other businesses, homes, and lots also sit vacantly.


Business Space

An opportunity that currently exists is a large lot in the northwestern portion of Area 2; outside businesses could utilize the space. Bringing in these businesses is a very appealing opportunity for Thomas Park Avondale.


The proximity to the downtown is an opportunity for Thomas Park Avondale.  This proximity makes Thomas Park Avondale a more attractive place to live.

Muncie Redevelopment

The redevelopment and recovery of Muncie in the last few years could prove to be beneficial for Thomas Park/ Avondale.  With Muncie on the upswing, TPA has more opportunities for development, especially when projects such as the Muncie Action Plan and Building Better Communities are considered.


Economics and Infrastructure

The developments in the northwest and suburbs could be a threat to Thomas Park Avondale. Also, the Chevy GM plant is currently vacant and is a greyfield (land with majority cement). Current economical (dealing with goods and services) issues such as layoffs, little to no jobs, and lack of resources threaten Thomas Park Avondale Area 2.

Existing Conditions Maps

The below maps were created to assist the neighborhood in understanding its zoning, current building conditions, and current inventory. The zoning map shows where certain land uses are allowed. In Muncie, it is important to note that a zone such as community business will allow those establishment allowed within the community business zone as well as all less intense uses such as residential uses.  Also, some might notice that their homes are zoned for a commercial use. This just means that the current land use is residential, but a commercial building could be developed on the property if desired.

The building conditions map shows the conditions of not only the building on the property, but also the property itself. A poor condition might mean that there exists on the property litter, overgrowth of weeds and grass, dilapidated structures, etc.

The inventory map shows the locations of such things as signs, hydrants, pot holes, curb ramps, and street trees among others.

The creation of these maps further assists the residents of TPA in understanding the neighborhood’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by allowing the residents to visualize these qualities.