Executive Summary


The purpose of the Thomas Park/Avondale Action Plan (TPANAP) is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Thomas Park and Avondale (TPA) neighborhoods and change perceptions of the neighborhood to create a more positive image. The function of this document is to:

  1. State the neighborhood’s needs and wants
  2. Guide current and future growth
  3. Become a tool to improve neighborhood’s conditions
  4. Provide information for implementing and carrying out initiatives


To ensure the TPANAP’s success, the residents and neighborhood leaders should consider the opportunities and improvements outlined by this document. Involvement from all residents, volunteers, and outside partners is vital to reach this plan’s potential and to create enriched neighborhoods. When successful, the TPANAP will have addressed:

  1. Arts and Business
    • Decorative Crosswalks
    • Free Classes
    • Job Creation
    • Mini Market
    • More Businesses
    • Public Art
  2. Beautification
    • Abandoned Factories
    • Abandoned Housing
    • Cleaning Up Litter
    • Community Gardens
    • Gateways and Wayfinding
    • Maring Hunt Library
    • Neighborhood Heritage
    • Park Activities
  3. Infrastructure
    • Alleys
    • Bike Travel
    • Drainage
    • Sidewalks and Accessibility
    • Signage
    • Street Lights
    • Street Trees
    • Street Repair
  4.  Resident Wellness
    • Association Participation
    • Block Party
    • Fire Safety
    • Foreclosure Assistance
    • Maintenance Assistance
    • Resident Relationships
    • Retaining Residents
  5. Well Being
    • Child Care
    • Crime and Safety
    • Ex Offenders
    • Health Support
    • Stray Animals
    • Youth Activities